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St Peters, Toorak

St Peters is in many ways a ground breaking development: an example of the sort of ‘4th Generation Retirement Village’ (see Discovery) which is emerging to meet the needs of a discerning baby-boomer marketplace. Characteristic of this new generation of design are:

Location in a desirable existing residential area, providing options for those seeking to downsize from large homes in the area

Sophisticated urban design response, engaged with an existing heritage asset in the form of the St Peters Church and providing a network of garden spaces, garden walks and private courtyards that meshes the building firmly into its context and enhancing and framing vistas to the church

Rich variety of apartment types, including larger penthouses and courtyard apartments, all served by ground level shared lounge, dining and activities rooms

Community engagement through integration of a parish hall and administrative offices, located opposite the Vestry entrance and linked to it by a arbour.

Retention of existing trees and creation of a new landscape of large canopy trees

Rich palette of materials both internally and externally, including stone, brick, roughcast render, high quality windows and a terra cotta shingle roof

The design language of the building responds to the late Gothic style of the church, but proposes a compatible collegiate character with steep roofs, bay windows and carefully articulated outline in both plan and elevation that mirrors the balanced asymmetry of the existing retained structures. The development creates an income stream that facilitates the restoration of the sandstone facades of the church, broadening the community benefit of the development.

Project Team

Demaine Partnership


RCTC, St Peter’s Parish


Toorak Road, Toorak

Project Elements

Apartments, parish facilities, community centre