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Greenvale Retirement Village

Located on the former site of the Greenvale Infectious Diseases Sanitorium (Hospital), this proposal had to contend with a range of sensitive issues: a location on a degraded site nonetheless surrounded by State forest, and related issues in regard to bushfire and vegetation preservation. The concept was to blend high density, low cost apartment style dwellings in blocks that would form ‘gateways’ to peninsulas of shared gardens, framed by courtyard villas. These villas would be serviced from narrow laneway mews, reducing the impact of the extensive roadways that can be typical of low density retirement development. This approach allowed us to achieve green interfaces to the surrounding bushland and reduce the building bulk expressed to this setting. On other boundaries, we proposed wide embankments or ‘berms’, which would effectively screen the single storey built form proposed for the perimeter. This had a secondary advantage in improving bushfire separations. 

The heart of the village was a proper town centre, achieved by placing many of the typical retirement village functions (wellness centre, café, restaurant, village shop, consulting rooms, craft rooms, art studio, maintenance services, administration services) in distinct shopfronts along street edge verandahs, turning the typical retirement clubhouse inside out and activating the village heart. A large recreation area and terraced gardens acted as the village square.


George Adams


Demaine Partnership