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Royal Melbourne Golf Club

There is little disagreement among keen golfers as to the legitimate status of the Royal Melbourne Golf Club's twin courses. However the clubhouse, built in the 1960s, had not stood the test of time and required radical refurbishment.

The Club shortlisted architects and then ran a limited competition. Demaine Partnership with interior designer Stephen Akehurst won the competition with the seemingly radical proposition that the club should be timeless in character, residential in scale and should appear to have always existed on the site. Combined with a bold site planning strategy that provided the club with a sense of arrival and screened off existing, unattractive carparking areas, the solution has won praise from members and visitors alike.

Internal reorganization provided new bar, dining, lounge and conservatory areas, as well as a new upper level overlooking the courses. The proshop was relocated to a more convenient position, also providing improved supervision and security for the club.

Project Team

Demaine Partnership with Stephen Akehurst Interior Design


Royal Melbourne Golf Club


Bluff Road, Black Rock

Project Elements

Clubhouse (bar, lounge, dining and recreation areas, Proshop, locker rooms, administration areas, board room, landscaping)


Buxton Constructions

Time to complete

12 months

Type of Facility

Private Club