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Peninsula Country Golf Club

In 2015 Demaine Partnership were successful in a limited competition for a new golf clubhouse for the merged Kingswood and Peninsula Golf Club, located on the revitalized twin Peninsula Golf Courses.

The final brief called for a contemporary building that nonetheless evoked a timeless Australian character, and this was achieved with building forms with strongly expressed pitched roofs, broken into a series of pavilions that framed the key 18th holes of the courses. The primary axis of the building links the twin 18th holes through a soaring space that culminates in a ‘crossing’ anchored by a grand double sided fireplace. This space carries the eye down the length of the 18th fairway of the north course at one end, and open ‘golf forum’ or square that provides an address for both the proshop and locker rooms at the other. This area also creates a gateway between the 18th and the first of the north course. 

Timber linings to the cathedral ceilings add warmth to the spaces of the main pavilion, defined by high quality and timeless finishes and some special technical features such as electrically dimmed solar glazing and underground servicing for the central kitchen facilities. The club also incorporates accommodation, provided both in the main pavilion at the first floor level, and in satellite ‘remote accommodation’ lodges, located in a picturesque lakeside setting within the golf course. An indoor pool and gym completes the club facilities.


Clubhouse, Proshop, Locker Rooms, Golf Buggy Store, Accommodation (18 rooms), Indoor Pool and Gym


Demaine Partnership


Peninsula Kingswood Golf Club