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University High Performing Arts Centre

Demaine Partnership were engaged by University High School to prepare a concept a new performing arts centre to be located on their Parkville campus.

Their plan was to use this concept to gain funding and donations for this project and this process is still underway. The concept prepared by Demaine Partnership was a building that has an softly undulating façade made up of Viridian Profilit structural glass planks in varying colours. This soft, wave-like skin to the building evokes the idea of the stage curtain and allows the light, movement and activity occurring within to be communicated to those outside. The performance spaces inside are solid timber lined elements that sit within the translucent membrane of the exterior façade. The polished metallic trims of the glass skin catch the light and add a degree of sparkle that seems appropriate to the glamour of a building for performances.

Overall, it was intended that this building would sit as a small jewel-like annexe to the primary brick building that dominates this street elevation.

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