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Latrobe University

The Engineering Building is a 5,000m2 4-storey structure containing Computer Teaching Laboratories, Workshops, Research Laboratories, Electronics, Optical and Biomedical Laboratories in conjunction with accommodation for professionals and staff. Backup service facilities are also provided within the complex.

The structure is generally of reinforced concrete with post-tensioned floor slabs, producing a building with an aesthetic consistent with the Campus Master Plan requirements. The 2-storey freestanding Central Teaching Complex is linked to the Physical Sciences Building by means of an open “bridge”.

The angular facades create a point of focus among the more formal buildings that flank it and the walls enclosing the lecture theatres are clad primarily in Luxalon, complementing the precisely detailed brick and concrete finishes of the adjoining complex.

Principal Consultant

Demaine Partnership

Building Type

Teaching and research laboratories, academic office, lecture theatres


La Trobe University

Time to Complete

12 months