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/ Treasury Residences, East Melbourne

Treasury Residences, East Melbourne

In the late 1980s innovative development company Becton triggered a wave of residential development in inner Melbourne with a ground breaking project in the formerly neglected city fringe area of Jolimont. Becton recognized the potential of an area located within walking distance of the central business district, key transport hubs, sporting venues such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground and some of Melbourne’s finest parklands. By 2007 Becton had secured approval for the last stage of this development, with a new multilevel apartment building, a compact investor apartment building backing onto the railway yards, and 15 innovative terrace homes. The investor apartments effective provide a barrier separating the higher value properties to the north from the railway precinct. However they are also innovative in their own right, providing 45 compact micro-apartments that quickly found favour with investors and residents seeking compact, high quality apartments at the doorstep of the City.

Project Team

Demaine Partnership (apartments and townhouses)


Becton Corporation


Wellington Parade, East Melbourne (Jolimont)


45 Apartments

11 months