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Croydon golf club

Croydon Golf Club took what was considered a bold initiative in 2002, selling their golf course and purchasing a new site in the Yarra Valley at Yering. The move has proven to be visionary, with an outstanding new course now completed complemented by a brand new clubhouse.

One of the key objectives of the design was to ensure that the club atmosphere was preserved at the new facility. Many contemporary clubhouses feel more like airport lounges than homelike and comfortable club facilities. Demaine Partnership was careful to adopt a style that combined a contemporary plan with a welcoming building style integrating traditional, warm materials and detailing.

The plan of the building is innovative. An open space surrounded by a protected cloister, named the Golf Forum, provides an address for the Spike Bar, Proshop and Locker Rooms, as well as a ramp leading to the course. Golfers pass through this space entering and leaving the course, with direct vision and access to the interior of the clubhouse encouraging maximum use of the facilities. The design makes the day to day golfing activities very visible and reinforces the club atmosphere.

The interior features panelled walls, extensive provision for display of honour boards and other club memorabilia, and two open fireplaces. The open glazed façade provides outstanding views over the Yarra Valley and the mountains beyond. The flexible function areas provide a venue both for club activities and booked functions such as weddings, and the club has also created a public restaurant facility attracting tourism visitation to the facility.

The building also had to be cost effective, and a spacious facility has been delivered at a cost that represents good value for money.

Project Team

Demaine Partnership


Croydon Golf Club


Macintyre Lane, Yering, Victoria, Australia

Project Elements

Function areas, Spike and Members Bar, Pro shop, Dining Room, Board Room, Administration Areas, Club and Buggy Store, Locker Rooms


Buxton Constructions

Time to complete

12 months

Type of Facility

Private Club