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/ Grange Road, Toorak

Grange Road, Toorak

The development occupies a site that had defeated the efforts of many earlier developers, being bisected by a major stormwater drain and consequently providing a limited footprint for construction.

Demaine Partnership worked to support the developer in a particularly systematic and analytical design process resulting in a building form that partially cantilevers over the easement. This form was clearly most responsive to a contemporary design language, and the balconies were developed as a sculptural design element linking the street fa├žade in a continuous, sinuous line to the composition of the southern elevation. This composition, though driven by necessity, has a compelling visual logic, and also informs the interior planning of the structure.

The living areas occupy the full frontages of the east and west facades, flowing uninterruped out onto the exceptionally broad and spacious balconies, each featuring integrated barbeque areas and enough space for summer outdoor entertaining. Internally, full height doors, crisp contemporary detailing and high quality finishes are featured. The penthouse occupies the full footprint of the upper level, with deep balconies wrapping around the north and east faces and providing outstanding views to the Melbourne city skyline.

Project Team

Demaine Partnership


Joenz Group


42 Grange Road, Toorak


7 Apartments over basement

Time to complete

18 months