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Queen Elizabeth Village

Queen Elizabeth Village was constructed in three stages from 1992 onwards. The first stage is a Hostel comprising three 10-bed houses and the second stage a nursing home of three 15-bed houses. A further 15-bed house was added to the nursing home in 1994, and this comprised the third stage of the project.

The complex consists of a series of L-shaped houses arranged in a linear form. In each case, the elbow of the L form contains a common lobby space, and is marked as a strongly coloured form externally. This facilitates easy identification of the individual houses by residents. The bedroom wings branch off at right angles from the foyer space. This configuration reduces the apparent length of corridors as well as the distance of any room to the public areas of the building.

The effect is supported by local widening of the corridors at the entrances to bedrooms, creating areas for informal interaction. The meandering form of the buildings helps to screen, shelter and contain the landscaped areas surrounding the houses.

Careful attention is paid to internal detailing including deep and accommodating window sill for personal effects, well proportioned rooms that ensure maximum flexibility in furnishing and though appropriate selection of colour.