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Talbot Place

The Talbot Place facility is planned as two 15 bed non-ambulant dementia special care units linked by a shared entry, nurse's station and services area.

Significant Characteristics of the facility include the central location of partially screened nurses station, allowing for discreet observation of residents, whilst carrying out administrative duties and acting as a reception point for visitors.

The 'pinwheel' plan of building allows for observation of all bedroom wings from the central point of the building. The L-shaped socialisation space allows for a desirable open plan configuration, whilst still maintaining some level of intimacy.

The minimal length of bedroom corridors support the domestic character of the facility, while a back door entry for services successfully maintains the domestic character of front door and yard. The pinwheel plan has proven very efficient from a nursing point of view, reducing travelling distances.



Principle Consultant

Demaine Partnership 


Ballarat Health Services


Talbot Place, Ballarat

Resident Profile

Low Care Dementia


30 beds in 2 15 bed houses


Aged care suites (one and two bed rooms), associated dining, lounge and recreation areas.

Time for completion

150 days